Stratford is a town located in Queens County, Prince Edward Island.

Keppoch Beach, Stratford, Prince Edward Island – facing the Northumberland Strait.
Situated immediately southeast of the city of Charlottetown, Stratford recorded a population of 10,927 in the 2021 census. The town is the third-largest municipality in the province and has experienced population growth in recent decades since improvements were made to the Hillsborough River Bridge connecting the town with Charlottetown.

Stratford’s location across the Hillsborough River from the provincial capital, Charlottetown, has made it an important gateway to the eastern part of the province throughout its history. In early times there had been Mi’kmaq summer camping areas, and during the French regime several families were recorded in the 1752 census at Anse de St-Pierre (in the area later called Keppoch).

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